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To book a fit you may contact Paul by phone, text or email at (727)251-5108 and  All scheduling is accomplished after a brief consultation by phone to determine your specific needs.  Once the consultation has taken place and a date and time have been agreed upon your fit session is considered booked once the required $100.00 deposit has been made.  You may make that deposit with any major credit card by clicking on the “make deposit now” link on this page.  Please note your credit card will be billed immediately for $100.00 and the remaining balance will be collected once your session is completed. Florida Sales Tax will also be collected with each transaction.  

Thank you for booking your session with us and trusting Perfect Fit with your bike fitting needs!  We make every effort to be available for every session as scheduled and trust you will make every effort to make your scheduled session.  At Perfect Fit we do not overbook our schedule and each and every appointment represents at least ten percent of our business revenue per week so thanks for understanding that cancelling or rescheduling appointments is something we must work together to minimize.

What to bring to your fit session:

Every session is a bit different as far as the details of our focus and gear that may be needed but here are the essentials for your reference.

  • Bike(s) – all bikes to be fit or for reference.
  • Shoes – multiple pairs as they apply – extra cleats if you already own new sets.
  • Bike shorts – spandex not baggy.
  • Sleeveless top – anything sleeveless works or you may wear a t-shirt with sleeves loose  enough to roll up.
  • Any and all saddles, stems, handlebars, extra aero bar hardware – essentially anything you have that we may either use, evaluate for use or is relevant to your fit history for discussion – if in doubt whether you should bring it with you or not – please bring it.

What to expect during your fit session:

  • Each Comprehensive fit session will take approximately three hours.
  • There will be an in depth interview in the beginning to discuss athletic history,           orthopedic history and your application(s).
  • There will be an in depth strength and flexibility assessment including foot, shoe and foot support requirements.
  • Be prepared to ride you bike for several minutes at a time several times at a moderately high workload – you’re going to sweat!
  • Showers are available at the fit studio.
  • Please refrain from using any lotions or sunscreens on the day of your session as this can interfere with the attachment of the sensors we use to collect motion capture data.
  • We provide a relaxed, professional yet informal atmosphere for your enjoyment – we are riding bicycles – it’s supposed to be fun!

If you have any questions whatsoever leading up to or following your session please feel free to contact us anytime!


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