Rates & Services

Introductory Bike Fit~$100

The best choice for people who are brand new to cycling, who may or may not be clipping in at first, but who are interested in trying out cycling and are pursuing that with some interest yet are not ready to invest in a comprehensive fit initially.

Comprehensive Bike Fit~$300

The best choice for people who understand the value and benefits of bike fitting services, are committed to riding regularly and would like to begin thinking about how they posture and move while riding a bicycle.  A comprehensive bike fit establishes the baseline evaluation, implementation and documentation of everything that involves a human being riding a bike.

Annual Re-Evaluation~Hourly Starting @ $100

Once a baseline evaluation and position has been established I recommend all our clients come see us annually to evaluate acclimation to recommendations made during the last visit, discuss any changes in their physical assessment, discuss any modifications made to bicycle since the last visit and check current bike set up to previous bike measurement file. Upon this evaluation we will then recommend adjustments based on the above criteria and any new things we are learning through our continuing education.

Specific Movement and/or Injury Management Evaluation~Hourly Starting @ $100

Rider’s bicycle fitting wants and needs vary widely based on their individual physical needs, specific application and performance objectives.  We offer a wide variety of solutions to meet these needs which may or may not require image capture for accurate understanding of movement patterns.

Custom Futbeds~$150

Perfect Fit now offers custom footbed support.  We fabricate, while you wait, custom, accommodative, semi-weight bearing footbeds utilizing Retul’s tested and proven process and materials.  This is the only way to provide adequate support and stability to the foot while cycling for virtually all cyclists and includes thorough foot assessment.

Foot Assessment~$50

Perfect Fit offers comprehensive foot assessment services culminating in expert guidance in shoe selection, footbed support and introductory cleat placement on your cycling shoes. We accomplish this by assessing the feet weight bearing, non-weight bearing, walking and utilize a Brannock device for precise foot measurement of toe length, arch length and width. In addition we understand it is beneficial to understand how overall foot volume including footbed support may affect your eventual shoe selection.

Saddle Evaluation~$50

The absolutely most frequently asked question we are asked is “What saddle is best for me?”  The best way to answer that question is in the context of a comprehensive bike fit as rider assessment, application, anatomy, posture and movement style all strongly affect saddle selection.  That said, we are more than happy to spend up to a half hour with anyone who would like to try a few saddles on their current bike in their current position with our help understanding the limitations of making this decision outside the context of a comprehensive bike fit.

Bicycle Measurement~$50

Utilizing Retul’s Zin Tool we have the ability to measure all dimensions of a rider’s current bicycle to 1mm accuracy.  This is an integral part of a comprehensive bike fit and is offered as a stand alone service as well.  This measurement file fulfills a variety of needs from understanding your current bicycle’s dimensions, insuring those dimensions are staying consistent over time (things have a way of moving out of position), setting up rental bikes when traveling, making sure your own bike is still set up correctly following travel or service and finally, comparing your bike and positional settings to other potential bikes you may be interested in purchasing.

Bicycle Set Up To Measurements~Hourly Starting @ $50

Perfect Fit will set up any bicycles to known measurements from basic (hand measurement) to Zin verified 1mm accuracy based on the client’s needs.

Consult~Hourly Starting @ $50

Perfect Fit offers consulting services across a wide range of topics largely toward understanding what particular geometry and size bikes work for rider’s application once a baseline position has been established through a Comprehensive Bike Fit.

Bike Fits For Kids~No Charge

Perfect Fit will provide bike fitting services to all Kid’s at no charge as often as needed, as long as there is a Perfect Fit.

Perfect Fit Hourly Rate~$100


At Perfect Fit your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.
If at any time for any reason you feel we did not meet your expectations with the services we provide we will provide you with a full refund.