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Perfect Fit is a Seven Cycles custom bicycles retailer alongside our bike fitting business. I have worked in cooperation with Seven Cycles since 1998 helping many people toward the bike of their dreams. The custom bike sales and bike fitting aspects of our business work hand in hand as many people for all types of reasons may enjoy a custom bicycle. Bike fit is one of those reasons.  I estimate that about 20 percent of all riders could benefit from a custom bicycle for one reason or another for fit reasons alone.  Of those 20 percent I would estimate that 10 percent will never be able to ride any production bike without severe compromise to their fit.  For this cross section of people a custom bike is an incredible solution and the best way they can truly enjoy cycling in a world where not everyone fits into the average box.  Custom bikes stand alone as great bikes for many reasons beyond fit from materials, options and paint to special bikes for certain applications with all the appropriate features to your taste as well as the pride of ownership that comes from owning and riding a handmade in America product.  That said, please check out Seven Cycles website  or simply contact us and we will be delighted to talk about all things Seven Cycles as well as bike fit toward putting you on the bike of your dreams for whatever reason you’re dreaming.  Also check out our custom bike customer gallery for some great picture of cool bikes and excited clients.


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