I live in the Palm Beach area of Florida and made the trip to St Pete this past weekend. I had a fantastic weekend in St Petersburg, Florida! I was blown away by the hospitality, generosity, and customer care at St Pete Bicycle & Fitness! I truly felt like a part of the St Pete cycling family! I also had a lot of fun on the group rides I got to join there. They were a refreshing and challenging change! One of the main reasons I went over there was to get properly fitted on both of my bikes. I was extremely impressed by Paul Williams of Perfect Fit. His attention to detail was above and beyond my expectations! He was very thorough and spent almost 6 hours with me on Saturday. He figured out a lot of the difficulties and discomforts I have been having and made some significant changes. I rode 65 miles today on what felt like a whole new bike! I know it will take some getting used to but I can already tell I got the “Perfect Fit!” I couldn’t be happier with how the weekend went! The trip was sooo worth it!!!

Jeanine Seeger Photo
-Jeanine S.

I highly recommend Paul for every cyclist—from leisure to pro, from beach cruising to racing.  As a chiropractor, I know the importance of proper biomechanics when doing all activities, and especially with repetitive motions.  Without a proper fit, you are setting yourself up for injury.  Your body is unique and moves in certain ways, depending on your fitness, flexibility, and genetics. You cannot fit your body to a bike.  In trying to do this, you are creating undue stress on body tissues that will eventually fatigue, wear, and degenerate.  You need to fit a bike to your specific body measurements.  The only way to achieve this is with the computerized bike fitting technique, plus the unquestionable knowledge and experience Paul has.  I cannot begin to describe the incredible difference Paul made for me with my bike fit.  I was having significant pain in my wrists and could not get comfortable on my seat.  I figured I would just “get used to it.”  When it continued to get worse, I finally made an appointment with Paul.  The cost of the computerized bike fitting is worth every penny.  In fact, how can you put a price tag on your health?  That was the best money spent for a lifetime of happy (and comfortable!) riding.  If I can give any advice, see Paul BEFORE you buy a bike.  It is much easier to order a bike specific to your geometry, than try to alter your existing bike within its limitations.  (Speaking from experience.  I learned my lesson!)  I will never buy another bike before seeing Paul, and I will use Paul repeatedly in the future to check and make sure my bike is staying within the specifications required by my body.  We all change, we adapt, we improve in strength, form and fitness and sometimes lose fitness or flexibility for various reasons.  Because we are so dynamic, I recommend “tune-ups” with Paul to ensure a happy, healthy, lifelong love of cycling.  Thank you, Paul.  You are awesome! 

-Dr. Jennifer N.

Don’t buy that new the bike or even a used one! Not until you have Paul work with you to
have one that will actually fit and correctly… You can do almost as much damage than not
riding, by having one that is putting undo stress on your joints.
I am not your typical rider though. I rode a lot as kid and enjoyed cycling, like many of us
life and too much time driving a mouse around all day long, combined with the stress of
management positons all finally caught up with me. My Health had really suffered and I
had just pounded on way too much weight and it was finally time it all came to a stop!
So knowing that there was simply no way to that I was going to be able to run again (right
knee issues) I did my research and picked up a new road bike. Then I proceeded to work
and work to try and get it to fit (new saddles, new handlebars, constant tweaking with
positioning) and receiving a lot of miss information from my original LBS up to and including them telling me that I needed a newer and even larger framed bike (wrong) which led me to Paul.
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-Dave L.

Hey Paul,

First Event since my bike has been fit by you. I no longer have back pain and I placed 1st on my age group and 8th overall. On Hits triathlon series in Ocala. I did the sprint distance.
Thank you so much!

Vinny Photo
-Vinny A.

 I’m very excited to hear Paul is launching Perfect Fit.  His vast experience & dedication in the bicycling industry for more than 25 years are a huge benefit to anyone looking for that proper fit.  He did my fit & I’ve never ridden better.  Thank you Paul!

-Tiger M.

Paul was very professional … what I liked most was his patience in the whole fitting process. He took his time making sure the details were complete … No matter who you choose to fit your bicycle you want a knowledgeable, honest, forthright individual working with you. Paul was that person for me.

-Daryl M.